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Level Up Coaching

Level Up Coaching


Level Up Coaching offers personalized one-on-one coaching for project managers. Our experienced coaches provide tailored guidance and support to help you level up your project management skills and achieve your career goals. Whether you need help with a specific project or want to develop your overall project management abilities, our coaching program can help you reach new heights. With Level Up Coaching, you'll receive individualized attention, expert advice, and actionable strategies to help you succeed in your project management career. Reach your full potential with Level Up Coaching.

  • What is included:

    • 12 hours of One on One Coaching with a seasoned project management coach

    • A personalized coaching plan co-created by the coach and the project manager

    • Two 15-minute emergency check ins per month to assist with fires or on demand coaching

    • Coaching on best practices to help drive project delivery and meet expectations

    • Free access to full library of project templates

    • Access to PPMU Social group to network with other project managers

  • Expiration:

    Valid for 3 Months

  • Who is a good fit for this program?

    • Project managers who are new to project management or newly promoted and need guidance and support on managing projects in your new role
    • Project managers who may not be new to project management but need help building their brand and trust with stakeholders and leadership, and are looking for best practices to better drive projects and meet expectations

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